Hillary’s hometown so tolerant, lone Trump supporter says he’s been ostracized

After a life of service to his community a retiree in the Clinton’s new hometown of Chappaqua, New York now finds himself an outcast because of his support of Donald Trump.

John Nadler, a retiree and former boy Scout leader and Little League coach, has been ostracized from the community because he supported Trump’s candidacy, the Daily Mail reported.

While the majority of the rich, liberal elites of Chappaqua backed Clinton, Nadler wore his “Make America Great Again” hat around town while driving his car emblazoned with anti-Clinton and pro-Trump bumper stickers.


“In Chappaqua it’s either Hillary or it’s nothing,’ he told the Mail. “I felt like I was in the trenches going to war.

“Everyone would give me looks, I mean the whole town. They would look at me like ‘why the heck are you here, how dare you support Donald Trump?'” he said.

And while he said he was lonely as the only man in town backing the now president-elect, now they are the lonely ones – the Hillary losers.


Nadler is not fond of Hillary but he does like her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who he said he sees in town.

“He’s very engaging, he looks right at you,” he said. “He’s the sort of guy you can have a beer with or you can talk to for half an hour.

“I used to say he could charm the pants off a snake. As for Hillary, cold as a fish.”


John was so supportive of Trump that he climbed a 12 foot ladder to hang a Trump sign where no one could touch a=it and where the Clinton’s could see it on their way to vote.

“I was the only person in Chappaqua who was vocal for Trump. I wanted people to realize they had a choice,” he said.

Nadler, who is originally from the Bronx, told the Mail that he’s lived in Chappaqua for 28 years and now now one will talk to him, especially after he marched in the town’s Memorial Day parade waving his Trump banner.

“I’ve lived in this town 28 years and there are acquaintances that won’t nod or raise their head when I pass them in the street,” he said.

“People posted some seriously foul language on Facebook; someone wrote ‘I hope you die.'”

Oh those tolerant liberals.

It was very brave of Nadler to stand for Tump in Clinton’s town of residence as another neighbor apparently went so far to help stage a recent photo-op with the former Democrat presidential candidate to make her appear to be more in line with the commoners.

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