Pardon Clinton? ‘You guys were the ones saying lock her up,’ how can you spin this?

Megyn Kelly went after Congressman, and ardent Donald Trump supporter, Sean Duffy over Trump’s apparent position change regarding prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

“You guys were the ones saying lock her up,” Kelly said before she showed a clip of Duffy on the campaign trail telling voters they needed to elect Trump if they wanted to prosecute Clinton.

“Do you understand how people watch this and think, ‘Lying politicians who just say anything to get elected. They think we’re chumps, that we’re going to believe them then and now we’re supposed to believe them again now even though the two messages appear to be diametrically opposed,” Kelly pressed.

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Duffy explained that “lock her up” was about Clinton’s emails, which the FBI let her off the hook for, but that the investigation into the possible nefarious activities of the Clinton Foundation and pay-to-play was still ongoing.

“If you look back and put a political burn on Hillary, you can’t move forward with securing the border or tax reform…or health care,” Duffy insisted.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had similar questions for Kellyanne Conway when she appeared on his show on Tuesday.

He told Conway that the “crooked Hillary” line was a motivator for late-breaking voters.

“Is there a belief that she’s Crooked Hillary or is that something that’s been dropped?” Matthews asked.

“Look at the polling, NBC’s polling and other people’s polling, a majority of Americans still think she has a voracity problem and a casual relationship with the truth,” Conway said.

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Matthews pressed on and asked Conway if Trump had a plan to pardon Clinton.

“He hasn’t said that and that’s not a conversation we had one way or the other,” she said. “I just don’t know where his head is on that.”

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