Bar room spat turns fatal when man makes Trump immigration quip; police on lookout for shooter

A snide remark evoking Donald Trump’s immigration stance went terribly wrong for an African-American man.

Mitchell Mormon Jr., 32, was shot and killed outside a popular Atlanta bar after an altercation with a Hispanic man on November 13.

Mr. Mormon was on a first date with Shaunita Walker when the two appeared at Atlanta’s Church bar early on Saturday morning. Miss Walker told police she had accidentally left her phone sitting at the bar and had gone back to retrieve it when another patron began to harass her.

Soon Mormon joined her and began to argue with the Hispanic man who was harassing his new companion. The woman told police that during the argument Mormon jokingly told the Hispanic man that he voted for Donald Trump and that soon the Hispanic man would be deported.

At that taunt the Hispanic man reportedly walked away. But he came back minutes later armed with a gun and began shooting.

“And when I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, and I just grabbed my arm and I just began to scream,” Walker told WSB TV in Atlanta.

“And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground,” she added.

“Please, if anybody knows anything, please, this was so senseless. This was so horrible,” Walker said through tears.

Police have released surveillance video of a group of people they hope can be identified in hopes that it can ultimately lead to the identity of the killer.

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