‘Teach us’ where we went wrong on Trump: Left-leaning Palm Beach newspaper wants a do-over with readers

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A Florida newspaper is so out of touch with Donald Trump’s supporters that it issued a call to its readers to help.

In a sign of how liberal many editorial boards are, the Palm Beach Post asked its readers to “teach” it what they like about the President-elect.

“Did you vote for Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States? Are you willing to sit down with The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board and tell us why? Please, email Editorial Page Editor Rick Christie at [email protected],” it wrote on Facebook.

Its tough to fathom how the Post doesn’t know enough about Trump, who makes his part-time home in Palm Beach County, on its own.

“We believe that a great deal of the current divisiveness in the wake of the election comes from a lack of understanding,” the Post staff wrote. “We’d like to try to bridge that gap, if at all possible. And we’d like to do it without shouting and judgment.”

Not everyone who read the post believed the newspaper was sincere in its desire to understand Trump and his supporters.





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Carmine Sabia


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