Mexican headlines are making it CRYSTAL clear they’re not happy about Trump’s win

*Warning for language. 

On the morning after Donald Trump won the election as America’s next president, editorialists in Mexico lapsed into fear and loathing, and newspaper headlines were filled with alarm.

One article in El Universal, the biggest paper in Mexico, called America’s Election Day “Black Tuesday” and even compared the election to the massive 1985 earthquake which killed 5,000 Mexicans.

Hector de Mauleón, said, “today it is like the question ‘where were you during the earthquake of 85?’ Maybe in the future, we will ask ‘where were you when Donald Trump won?'” Daily Caller reported.

In Hector Aguilar Camin’s piece in Milenio, the election was termed “Mexico vs Trump.” and went on to attack Trump for his America first policy suggestions.

But maybe El Grafico was the most, well, graphic, with its estimation of the election. On its front page the paper simply wrote “Fuuuck!”

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