Sean Hannity victory lap: It’s a ‘modern day political miracle’

No one in the media has been a bigger booster of GOP nominee Donald Trump than Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

So, after the historic win, we can excuse him for taking a major victory lap by calling the election a “modern-day political miracle.”

During the Fox News coverage of the then still ongoing election returns, Fox took a phone call from an exultant Hannity who gushed over what was happening for his candidate, Fox Insider reported.

“This is a modern-day political miracle you’re witnessing before your eyes. right now … It’s the American people that have said enough is enough,” Hannity told the election night hosts.

But Hannity also noted that Trump had an uphill battle during his entire campaign.

“What everybody has missed, here, is that Donald Trump has had to go against a Republican establishment, a democratic establishment, a media establishment, a globalist establishment, and fundamentally the main thing they’ve been missing in all of this is very basic and that is we have 13 million more Americans on food stamps, eight million more in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, the lowest home-ownership rate in 51 years, the worst recovery in 40 years, and if you look abroad… how’s the world going to react to Donald Trump being president I think there’s going to be a healthy bit of fear which they wouldn’t have with Hillary Clinton of Barack Obama. Fear in a good sense.”

Enough is enough.

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