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More Catholic mocking from Team Hillary? ‘Christ the King mixed with a little terrorism does that’

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A new batch of emails from John Podesta were released by Wikileaks on Sunday with more off the cuff chatter that is perceived by some as anti-Catholic bigotry.

In an email dated November 22, 2015, nine days after the horrific Paris terrorist attacks, Hillary Clinton advisor Minyon Moore apologized for taking long to email Podesta back because, presumably, church ran long.

“Sorry. Even the Catholic Church got Long winded today,” she wrote.


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“Christ the King mixed with a little terrorism does that,” Podesta wrote back.

This is the second time Clinton staffers have been found to have referenced Catholics in their private emails.

In emails released in an earlier Wikileaks batch, Podesta, Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and John Halpin from the Center for American Progress disparaged Catholics and evangelicals.

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