Trump supporter sues NBC, says network’s ‘goon squad’ roughed him up for holding anti-Clinton sign

A man is suing NBC for $52 million over his claims that NBC security personnel beat him up after dragging him away from the audience pen during a broadcast of the “Today” show at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. While holding a sign reading “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” and wearing a Bill Clinton T-Shirt the man  was briefly seen on TV as the show hosts were speaking to the cameras.

The handmade sign can be seen right above Matt Lauer’s head in the center of the frame:

Twenty three-year-old Mark Gallagher of Oakridge, New Jersey, also seems to have made it onto the set of “Good Morning America” the day before he appeared on camera on the “Today” show, according to The New York Post.

Gallagher admits he pulled the stunt as to earn a $1,000 reward being offered by blogger Alex Jones who offered the cash to anyone appearing on any TV broadcast holding such a sign for a period of at least five seconds of air time.

Gallagher alleges that during the October 13 broadcast of “Today,” five security guards grabbed him by the neck and dragged him by the arm and leg before they presented him to members of the New York Police counterterrorism force.

Gallagher’s suit alleges the NBC’s “Goon Squad serves as the personal security detail for liberal douche Alec Baldwin from time to time.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been dogged by protesters holding signs and yelling “Bill is a Rapist” at a growing list of Hillary rallies over the last few months bringing both Bill and Hillary to lash out on stage at the protesters.

Most recently Hillary furiously exploded on a “Bill is a Rapist” protester who interrupted her at a Florida rally jabbing her finger in the air and yelling.

But all through October where ever Bill went to stump for his wife he was attacked with “Bill is a Rapist” protesters. To name just two, Bill was interrupted at a rally in Canton, Ohio as well as one in Wisconsin.

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