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Trump ad pounces on Hillary’s ties with ‘pervert’ Weiner, but did ad makers know how right they were?

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Donald Trump has released his most damning ad of the 2016 presidential campaign this week in a new video that ties Hillary Clinton to “pervert” Anthony Weiner.

“Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation again – after her emails were found on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop,” the ad narrator said.

“America’s most sensitive secrets, unlawfully sent, received and exposed by Hillary Clinton, her staff, and Anthony Weiner,” it continued as the screen flashed images of Clinton, Weiner and Huma Abedin.

The Trump ad’s timing couldn’t be better as the FBI reported finding emails “related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state” on Weiner’s device, according to CBS.

While it remains to be seen what those emails contain, it has been confirmed they are not duplicates.

And the ad creators may not have known just how correct they were because the Clinton/Weiner connection gets even worse. According to emails, the former secretary of state actually handed “pervert” Weiner a secure phone to deliver when she served as the head of the State Department.

In an email dated Aug. 2, 2010, and released by the State Department, Clinton and Abedin discussed ways to hand off secure phones to Weiner for delivery.

“OK I will (redacted) just fedex secure cell phone from dc. Anthony leaving office to bring me to airport now so hopefully will make it just in time,” Abedin told Clinton in the email.

“Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?” Clinton wrote to Abedin later that day.

Yes, Hillary wanted to rely on Anthony Weiner’s “trusted staff.”

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Carmine Sabia


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