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Talk about prophetic! Hillary-Weiner photo from last week has us wondering . . .

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Ben Shapiro, nationally syndicated columnist, radio host, author, editor and now soothsayer?

Last week Shapiro tweeted a picture of a shocked Hillary Clinton looking at her phone and “seeing a picture of Anthony Weiner. It was a simple quip to make fun of Clinton’s supposed reaction to the Chicago Cubs winning the National League championship.


When he tweeted it, everyone simply thought it was comical but now it’s being seen as prophetic.

Was Shapiro channeling Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart to give one final middle finger to Weiner and Clinton after his passing.

Shapiro was known as Andrew Breitbart’s protegé, and editor-at-large of Breitbart.com, for many years.

Andrew Breitbart was the one who originally exposed, pun intended, Anthony Weiner and his sexting scandal.

‘Dickileaks’: Today’s NY Post cover. . . wait ‘til you see the headline!

Hours after the news of the FBI’s reopening of the Clinton email investigation was announced Shapiro summed it up perfectly.

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