Hillary Clinton’s awkward actions following the news of re-launched FBI probe signals one thing … PANIC

She’s either delusional or desperate. Because there are signs the Hillary camp is struggling.

Over an hour after the FBI announced it was reopening its investigation into her use of a private email server Hillary Clinton was vocal on Twitter and at a campaign rally, and in both cases she said nothing about the news.

Speaking to a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa the Democrat presidential candidate spoke as if nothing was happening, meanwhile Donald Trump was at a rally stating the new developments were “bigger than Watergate.

Talk about an elephant in the room. Judging from reports of low turnout, there was likely plenty of space.

But the activity from Hillary’s Twitter account that followed the big story was even more mind-numbing. It gave off more signals that Team Hillary wasn’t sure what to do.

Wait, what? Nothing?

There’s no… “the FBI’s re-launch is ridiculous, they won’t find anything on us, we have nothing to hide, bla, bla.”


The non-reaction reaction had social media users raking her over the coals.

No time to re-schedule when you’re in full-force damage control mode.

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Carmine Sabia


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