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Can’t Remember all the problems with Obamacare? Here’s Bill Clinton to click through them for you…

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Lately Bill Clinton has been out on the campaign trail spilling the beans about how bad Obamacare really is and it makes one wonder which Hillary Clinton campaign staffer is responsible for reining in the former Prez?

At a recent campaign rally for his wife, Hillary, the once impeached president said that there are all kinds of problems with Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (usually nicknamed Obamacare). The Free Beacon reports:

“Look, what are the problems with the law?” Clinton asked a crowd of supporters.

He even hit the podium a couple times to make his point.

Clinton pointed out that everyone in the audience knew the problems with Obamacare.

“We can all tick them off, right?” he asked.

Clinton then gave a list of all the things wrong with President Obama’s signature health care law.

“The copays, deductibles, and premiums are too high,” Clinton said.

“And, the drug prices are too high,” he added.

Man, if Hillary wants to keep selling Obamacare as a good idea, someone needs to lock Bill in a closet until November 8.

Hey, Bubba, remember this…

Of course, with all the major Obamacare drawbacks Bill told us about maybe we should be thinking more like this…

On top of that, Bill’s worries are more right than he knows.

In fact, we just learned only this week that the White House has been forced to admit that Obamacare insurance premiums will skyrocket by double digits next year likely driving hundreds of thousands of Americans out of their new Obamacare insurance policies.

Then there were all the lies Obama told when he was selling us this mess…


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