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One of America’s most exclusive shopping districts adds high-fashion hijabs to boost sales

Photo source: Hollywood Reporter.

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With sales flagging, the hoity toity set in Beverly Hills, California, is on a new fashion trip, and pushing the Muslim hijab head covering as high fashion.

Filling store windows on famed shopping street Rodeo Drive are mannequins covered in head-to-toe Muslim-styled clothing. It is a trend that the Hollywood Reporter says shows high-end fashion shops attempting to appeal to foreign clientele to bolster sagging sales.

“With declining luxury sales worldwide, fashion brands are trying to appeal to a widening demographic of would-be shoppers,” HR reported this month.

Most specifically is the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive which rolled out a complete Muslim hijab line apparently in hopes of attracting shoppers from Saudi Arabia. But Chanel isn’t alone. High-end retailers such as Dolce & Gabbana and others are following suit and looking to cater to the Saudi tourist market.

According to Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board tourists from Saudi Arabia spent and average o $4,550 per person for a total of $259.3 million with their vacations and visits to the city last year. So, these big-dollar fashion outlets are looking to cash in on the trend.

One woman who works as a “personal shopper” for rich clients celebrates the move toward Muslim-centric fashions. “It is about time that these brands are finally paying attention to their customer,” she told HR.

It appears that when militant Muslims said that “Islam is taking over and your daughters will wear the hijab,” they may have been close to being right. After all, we don’t just have high fashion now pushing the hijab has haute couture, but even our schools have been known to force kids to wear hijabs on “hijab day.”


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