High school holds mock presidential election, but the results probably didn’t go as planned

Administrators of a high school in Wilmar, Minnesota, decided to hold a mock election to give students a chance to pick their candidate for president, but one can bet that the election didn’t turn out like the teachers hoped it would.

Shocking school officials, the students at Willmar Senior High School picked Donald Trump as their winning candidate. 514 students participated in the election giving Trump 207 votes to Hillary’s 179. The remaining votes went to third-party candidates or write-ins, according to the West Central Tribune.

Since none of the students are old enough to vote in the real election, officials felt the mock election was a good way to expose kids to the American electoral system.

Kids who wanted to participate were checked off on a master list of enrolled students and then pushed past a red, white, and blue striped canvas curtain to mark their ballots in an isolated booth. Afterward they received an “I Voted” sticker just like real voters get at the polls.

One student told the media that some students were unhappy that socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was no longer running. Many students supported him, the student said, because Bernie was pro marijuana.

In fact, 17 students voted for Dan Vacek, the candidate for the Legal Marijuana Now Party, when they voted in the mock election.

Key Club President Grace Krall praised the effort saying, “I think it’s a cool way to know how it’s done.”

The results in Minnesota may have surprised administrators, though. After all our schools are known as hotbeds of anti-Trumpism and several recent stories have highlighted that fact. The case of the librarian who posted signs attacking Trump in a Texas high school is a perfect example. Then there was the New York teacher who was sanctioned for saying kids who supported Trump are racists, to name a few.

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