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Drivers rage when immigrant protesters block one of the busiest bridges in the country

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Protesters advocating for illegal aliens blocked one of the busiest bridges in the nation Wednesday morning, enraging commuters and causing police to scramble to shut them down and re-open the bridge to traffic.

The inbound upper level of the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey is one of the most traveled roadways in the nation but for nearly an hour and a half it was brought to a standstill while the protesters paraded around carrying banners and shouting slogans.

Some drivers were so enraged at having their commute interrupted that they jump out of their cars and confronted the protesters.

But New York’s NBC affiliate reported that the protesters chained themselves to to the bridge making it difficult to dislodge them from blocking traffic.

Police reported that ten protesters were arrested and no one sustained any injuries.

The group that sponsored the protest calls itself the Laundry Workers Center. The group used the hashtags #WeAreVisible and #SomosVisible on social media to push the protest and was also planning a rally in Union Square Park.


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