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Showtime’s ‘The Circus’ stakes out Ecuadorian Embassy, finally gets Assange to answer one question

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As the political world in the U.S. continues to be rocked by the hacked release of Clinton emails, journalist Mike Halperin took his Showtime cameras to London.

Halperin was gearing up for an upcoming episode of his politics show “The Circus,” and headed abroad to see if he could snag and interview with WikiLeaks chief, Julian Assange.

Halperin had to try a few old-fashioned tricks to try and get inside Ecuador’s embassy in London, England, where Assange has been hiding to escape prosecution by various national governments, including the U.S. But in short order, a man came out of the embassy promising to take Assange a written question.

Halperin asked Assange what part of the Clinton emails the media has most underreported. It is the scene everyone is talking about, apparently…

Halperin sums up exactly why this story is so amazing.

“The Internet has changed the planet, has changed everything about politics, ” Halperin said at the end of the clip. “You’ve got an Australian guy, working for an Icelandic organization, in an Ecuadorian embassy, in the United Kingdom, striking fear in the heart of the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States. That is one hell of a story.”

The series has made political waves in the past, of course. Tucker Carlson appeared on the cable show to discuss the WikiLeaks revelations and back in March the show swept through the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) causing a stir that made for great television.

If you have any interest in politics, Showtime’s “The Circus” is a must-watch show.


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