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Leaked email reveals rampant practice of ‘oversampling’ polls, complete with 37-page ‘how to’ guide

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Donald Trump, and his supporters, have been called conspiracy theorists for claiming the polls that show Hillary Clinton with a sizeable lead are rigged but now evidence from her own campaign suggest suspicion is warranted.

While it admitted it “oversampled” Democrats, an ABC News / Washington Post poll was released showing Clinton with a commanding 12-point lead over her Republican rival, while the same day a Wikileaks emails purported to show the 2008 Clinton playbook for how to manipulate polls to win an election.

Tom Matzzie, who was also involved in the leaks that detailed how pushing the idea that President Obama was a Muslim could be a detriment to him, sent an email to top Clinton officials discussing how to “oversample” polls and sell the narrative that Clinton had the election in the bag.


“Hey, when can we meet? I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend over samples for our polling before we start in February,” he wrote. “By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

The email came attached to a 37-page guide on how to rig the polls has it suggested Hispanic and black voters be over sampled in Florida and the same for Hispanic and Native-American voters in Arizona.

Other bullet points include.

• General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions.
• Focus group research in key races among swing voter groups.
• Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed.
• Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed.

The email is a prime example of why, no matter what the polls say, it is important to vote for your candidate. Even when the media tells you they have no chance.

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Carmine Sabia


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