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Dashcam catches miracle moment when a heroic police officer resuscitates toddler to life

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A mother and father in Texas experienced the moment all parents fear when their toddler stopped breathing during a seizure. But after calling 9-1-1, Granbury, Texas, officer Chase Miller arrived and delivered a miracle, saving their son’s life.

The parents of little Brayden Geis were shocked when he passed out during the evening’s 106-degree temperatures around 7 PM on October 12. Alarmed, mom and dad quickly called 9-1-1, according to the Daily Mail.

Officer Miller heard the call come over his radio and sped to the scene where he found mother Bethany Geis cradling her unresponsive child in her arms.

The officer quickly jumped into action to deliver CPR in an attempt to revive the boy.

Officer Miller later told the media that the child, “had an elevated pulse. His heart was beating but no breath whatsoever. His lips were bright blue, and I began chest compressions.”

The video is dramatic, to say the least.

Fortunately, the officer’s timely arrival and lifesaving actions were able to revive the boy and he was soon breathing on his own again.

The grateful family met with officer Miller days later to thank him for saving their son’s life.

“I never dreamed of making a difference by saving a life,” officer Miller said. “I’m thankful, blessed and very relieved to know he’s up and at ’em.”


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