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11-year-old thinks fast on his feet when suddenly confronted by burglar

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A man has been arrested after a frightening moment was caught on video that showed an 11-year-old New Jersey boy as he walked in on a burglary in progress.

The video showed Thomas J. Coughlin, 23, walking past the front door, casing the home and, seconds later, the boy walks through the front door into the frame.

The youngster immediately fled the home, as did Coughlin through the back door with the child’s cell phone in hand.

“My heart started pumping when I saw him,” the 11-year-old told WABC-TV. “Basically then I immediately run out of the house. I see that my neighbor is driving by in her car so I stop her and ask her for help.”

Wayne Police Det. Capt. Laurence Martin said the boy made the right move.

“He went and sought help. Went to a neighbor. They summoned 911,” Martin said. “I’ve got to give him credit, thumbs up, (he) did everything correct.”

Coughlin was arrested and charged with burglary. His bail was set at $50,000,” according to WABC-TV.

Police said Coughlin expressed remorse for the incident.

“He just indicated that he was extremely sorry that the young man had to go through this,” Martin told WABC-TV.

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