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Lefty Huffington Post claims Trump and his supporters are making women ‘physically ill’

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The far left “news” website Huffington Post has gone off the deep end again. Now they are peddling the outrageous hyperbole that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is actually making women physically ill with his campaign for president.

In a very long editorial by Huffington Post’s “Senior Politics Reporter,” Laura Bassett tells readers her stomach is “churned up” and her insides are “knotted up” because of Trump’s campaign.

“It began as a pain in my stomach; not the sharp, grueling kind, but that feeling of uneasiness that knots up your insides,” she said sonorously.

The HuffPo writer also claimed that Trump’s supporters are guilty of being anti-woman and actually making women physically ill because they intend to vote for Trump.

Bassett went on to seriously tell readers that she ended up hyperventilating in a paper bag while listening to Trump speak.

The nausea in my stomach crept up into my throat. My chest felt heavy and squeezed, like someone was sitting on it. My jaw and teeth ached, and I realized I’d been clenching them. By the time the flight attendant reached out with a bag of pretzels, I was breathing into a brown paper bag I’d found in the seat pocket. I walked to the bathroom of the plane and hovered over the toilet, hoping my body would purge what was making me sick.

Why was this? Because, she now claims, she was sexually assaulted, too, and Trump dredged up those feelings in her all over again.

She went on to insist that just reporting on this election season is making her sick, not just metaphorically, but physically. In reality. Actually sick.

Just the act of writing down the misogynistic words of Trump and his defenders, over and over, has taken a toll on my body. It’s been difficult to sleep, to eat, to focus on work. My stomach is still upset, my chest still tight. Clothes that fit me a month ago are hanging off me.

Bassett went on to claim that other women have been sickened by Trump just like she has been.

But one wonders where is her article explaining that Bill Clinton’s 30 years of attacks on women have sickened her? Has Laura Bassett been physically sickened by the dozens of women Bill Clinton has allegedly raped or sexually harassed? Was she sickened when it was learned Bill Clinton was allegedly participating is sex romps with teenagers on a private island in the Caribbean with a a now convicted sexual predator named Jeffrey Epstein?

Did news from former Secretary of State Colin Powell that Bill Clinton was “still d***ing bimbos” make her stomach “churn”?

Of course not.


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