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Hillary campaign considered having her bus tables at Denny’s to prove she’s not ‘out of touch’

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign team considered having her do actual work to try to prove she isn’t “out of touch” with the American people.

In what might be the most hilarious email released by Wikileaks former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm emailed the Clinton’s campaign as chief administrative officer, Charlie Baker, with the idea of having Clinton “humble” herself and do some “low wage service jobs” presumably to make her more relatable, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Baker thought so highly of the idea, and apparently actually believed the career politician wouldn’t have laughed in the face of whoever brought her this suggestion, that he included Jen Palmieri and John Podesta in the email.

“She could acknowledge flat-out that she’s been in a security/privilege bubble, and is determined to break out of it. Then she selects 8 occupations that she is willing to spend one day working at. She humbles herself, but gives dignity to the workers whose salaries she wants to raise,” Granholm wrote in the email.

“Perhaps she makes beds in a hotel for a day,” she wrote. “Perhaps she busses tables at Denny’s or works behind the counter at McDonald’s or Chipotle’s! Perhaps she works in a nursing home. Or is a janitor in a school cafeteria. Or works at a daycare center.”

It’s tough to determine what’s more hilarious. The fact that more than one person thought Clinton would agree to it or the mental image of her actually doing these jobs.

But the following gives you an idea of what that might look like.





Carmine Sabia


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