NBC pulls upcoming Trump-inspired ‘Law And Order: SVU’ episode, but why?

NBC has pulled an upcoming episode of “Law And Order: SVU” whose antagonist was inspired by Donald Trump.

The episode, which is named “Unstoppable” is centered on a wealthy presidential candidate, played by Gary Cole who most famously portrayed Bill Lumbergh in the cult classic “Office Space,” whose campaign crumbles amid sexual abuse allegations, according to Variety.

Sources told the magazine that the decision to remove the episode from the schedule was made on Friday after several women made sexual assault claims against the GOP nominee.

NBC is the network that started the “Trump is a sexual predator” narrative when its now infamous “Access Hollywood” video in which Trump engaged in “locker room talk” with Billy Bush, got leaked.

It is also the only network to devote precisely no air time to talking about Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks controversy on Thursday night while devoting seven minutes and 40 seconds to the Trump allegations.

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Some on social media wondered when the Hillary Clinton episode was going to be.

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