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Producers of ‘The Apprentice’ hint about leaking Trump dirt; executive Mark Burnett has a warning for them

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There is a REAL scandal brewing in the release of a large number of damning Hillary emails, but the only story the liberal, old media complex is interested in talking about is Donald Trump saying mean things on old audio tapes and now the producers of his reality game show, “The Apprentice,” say they have tape of Trump saying the “N” word.

“The Apprentice” producer Bill Pruitt says they have a long list of incidents on audio and video of Trump saying things “far worse” than his “grab them by the p**sy” quote that the media lost its mind over starting late last week.

Pruitt says he’s been sitting on the shocking tape for years and hasn’t released it for “fear” of being fined for leaking it. The TV producer mentioned his treasure trove of Trump tapes on Twitter.

One of the reasons Pruitt is afraid of “fines” is that the show’s executive producer, Mark Burnett, had everyone who worked on the show sign a contract containing a provision to fine them if they ever reveal anything about the behind the scenes of the show (it’s a standard contract provision for many of these reality shows).

Burnett has recently begun to contact people who worked on the show to remind them of their contracts after “anonymous” sources began to talk to the media about things that may have happened on the set of “The Apprentice,” according to Buzzfeed.

One former “The Apprentice” producer claimed that the “leak fee” is a whopping five million dollars.

All this talk of years-old tape recordings comes at the same time as the WikiLeaks release of thousands of damning emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta, that show scandal after scandal.


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