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Officer gets beat half-dead because she’s afraid to shoot black suspect: ‘This is going to be the end of America’

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This is what groups like Black Lives Matter have done.

A female Chicago police officer was beaten unconscious by a man high on PCP on Wednesday and she took the beating, rather than shooting her attacker, because she feared public backlash.

“She knew that she should shoot this guy,” Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson told the crowd at a city public safety awards ceremony at City Hall on Thursday. “But she chose not to because she didn’t want her family—or the department—to have to go through the scrutiny the next day.”

The officer had her hair ripped out of her head and had her head smashed into the pavement by Parta Huff, 28, who has a history of resisting arrest, according to police.

Huff was in court for a similar incident on the same day as the attack that left the female officer unconscious and suffering from a concussion, wrist and neck injuries and bone chips to the shoulder, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The officer, who was attempting to handcuff Huff after he crashed his car into a liquor store, did use a Taser on the “unarmed” thug but it had no effect as he continued his brutal assault.

Huff, who has a previous weapons conviction and four previous convictions for resisting arrest, is being held without bond.

Conservative actor James Woods might have said it best with one simple tweet about what these anti-police groups are doing to the nation.


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