‘Sexy burka’ costumes could have been all the rage, but Amazon caved and pulled them

Amazon.com caved in to complaints and a pulled a “sexy burka” Halloween costume from its website after users called the outfit “racist.”

The costume, a sexy low cut black dress, that hardly covered anything, with a niqab that covers the entire face, minus the eyes, drew the ire of patrons on Amazon’s UK website Thursday, RT reported.

“Is this some sort of mockery to the religion?” asked one customer.

“Whoever you are fear Allah,” another said.

You’re all disgusting racists. My culture is not your costume,” added another angry user, according to RT.


Amazon removed the outfit, which was being sold by a third party, and sent a letter of warning to its sellers that reminded them to “follow selling guidelines” and warned of consequences “including potential removal of their account” to those who did not comply.

The website did not remove the male version of the costume which is simply a traditional Arab mans apparel.

Other costumes still available for sale on the website include a “sexy” Catholic nun, a pregnant Catholic nun, a “sexy” Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi, “sexy” Native American, a Buddhist monk and a “sexy” Japanese geisha.

But let’s not offend anyone.







Carmine Sabia


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