Hurricane panic sparks women to brawl in Wal-Mart over last case of water

As Hurricane Matthew crept ever closer to the south eastern cost of the U.S. people began to panic and tempers flared in a South Florida Walmart when two women got in a brawl over the last case of water.

As the media continued its hype over the now Category 3 storm, residents in the areas about to be hit by Hurricane Matthew rushed to local stores to buy up supplies in case the crisis lasted longer than a day or two.

The two women, one clearly with a size and power advantage, began mixing it up over the water as shocked onlookers gathered around them, the Mirror reported.

The Miami Herald identifies the store as the Walmart in Miami Gardens, a suburb just north of Miami, Florida.

It is unclear who threw the first punch, but clearly the taller woman is getting the best of the one in the print dress. The the scrappy smaller woman refuses to be put off and repeatedly jumps back into the fray even when the bigger woman walks away two times.

The video is a shocking example of the high anxiety people were feeling as Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on them.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Matthew left hundreds dead in Haiti before it turned toward the U.S. And by Friday, some 300,000 Florida residents were reported without power as the storm hit.


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