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U.S. officials admit at least 7 Afghan military students have disappeared from American bases

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The U.S. government is now admitting that seven military students from Afghanistan who have been taking classes at American bases in four different states have disappeared and have been gone for nearly a month, now.

U.S. Navy Defense Press Operations commander Patrick L. Evans reported that two students disappeared from Fort Benning, Georgia, while two others also disappeared, one from Fort Lee, Virginia, and the other in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Associated Press reported this week.

The AP went on to report that three other forts have found Afghani students gone missing, as well. Two at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and one at Fort Gordon, Georgia have also gone missing.

The students had been sent to the U.S. to train with the U.S. military so they could go home and train their fellow Afghan soldiers.

U.S. officials said that other students have disappeared in the past and Army officials have learned of plans to go AWOL before.

There was no follow-up on how well these “students” had been screened for possible ties to terrorism.


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