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Ted Cruz faces distraught Glenn Beck over Trump endorsement: ‘It’s my fault for believing’

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Ted Cruz did everything he could to explain that the presidential election is a “binary choice” to Glenn Beck but The Blaze founder wasn’t having it.

“A number of things have changed. I’d say the most significant thing that changed was on Friday, the day that I announced that I would vote for Donald Trump, the Trump campaign put out a list of potential Supreme Court nominees,” Cruz said, adding that the campaign signified that these would be the only nominees it considered.

The senator said it was no “accident” either.

“Several weeks ago I sat down with Mike Pence in Washington Mike asked me ‘what would it take to get you on board?'” he said.

“We discussed the Supreme Court as being one of the great checks protecting the Constitution and the rule of law,” he said. “And the Trump campaign committing to nominate from that list was an important change that gave me significant reassurance and helps me get to the point of saying yes.”

But Beck and his crew kept hammering Cruz about his choice to endorse Trump.

Beck’s opinion of Ted Cruz, who he has been an ardent supporter of, seemed to change significantly after the interview.

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Carmine Sabia


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