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‘Disappointed’ Hispanic Democrats are mad at their own party, but why?

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Congressional Hispanic Democrats have raised concerns after the Donald Trump led Republican Party has exceeded expectations with Latinos.

Democrats expected Trump’s approach to illegal immigration to damage him among the demographic but recent polls show he is on par with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney among Hispanic voters, The Hill reported.

“I am disappointed to this day with the Democratic Party, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and I would like to see Hillary Clinton’s campaign hire more consultants who are of the communities,” Rep. Tony Cárdenas, D-Calif., told The Hill.

The situation has caused a rift to develop within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus where one member, Calif. Rep. Xavier Becerra who also serves as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, endorsed Kamala Harris over CHC member Rep. Loretta Sánchez in the race for California senate.

“The state party’s decision to endorse Loretta’s opponent in this instance is just despicable,” Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, said, “I feel the same way about Xavier Becerra’s reluctance to join us in endorsing Loretta.”

Becerra will step down from his post as Democratic Caucus chairman in January as he cannot run for re-election.

“There’s no Latino in Congress who has given more to Latinos running for Congress and campaigned in more districts across the country to bring out the Latino vote than Chairman Becerra,” said Becerra spokeswoman Sarah Lovenheim said.

Some Caucus members were also unhappy with the lack of effort to try to win Texas for the Democrats.

“It’s just very frustrating when the campaigns that have all the money, which in this case happens to be the national campaign, doesn’t do anything to help promote the vote,” Texas Rep. Filemon Vela said.

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