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All the work Donald Trump just did to get black voters to like him paid off big time

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A new poll finds that Hillary Clinton’s near 100 percent lock on African-Americans is starting to erode as a new poll is showing a large block just turned into Donald Trump voters.

Trump is currently enjoying a whopping 16.5 percent gain in support among blacks as the race spins into its final stretch.

The Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California poll reveals that support for Trump among blacks has gone from an incredibly low 3.1 percent to a historically unusual 19.6 percent as the GOP candidate continues his outreach effort to their community, the New York Post reported on the 18th.

This means Hillary’s support has dropped from the Democrat normal of 90.4 percent to 71.4 percent, a major drop considering blacks have voted Democrat in close to the 90th percentile for years, now.

For decades, now, blacks have been pretty much voting a straight Democrat ticket. For example, Mitt Romney only got 6 percent of the black vote in 2012 (Barack Obama got 93 percent), John McCain only got 4 percent black support (Obama got 95), in 2004 George W. Bush got a high of 11 percent (John Kerry got 88), and in 2000 Bush got an even lower 9 percent (to Al Gore’s 90 percent).

The poll found blacks beginning to turn away from Clinton started around the time of her physical collapse as she tried to sneak away early from New York’s memorial for the victims of the terror attacks on 9/11/2001.


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