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Latino activist who criticized Trump for his illegal ‘rapist’ comment was just arrested for . . . you guessed it!

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Latino activist Tony Yapias, who led a protest against Donald Trump in Salt Lake City because he was angered by the Republican candidate’s comments about Mexicans being rapists, was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Yapias was arrested on Sept. 12 after his alleged victim, who is an illegal immigrant, reported the incident to police. She was examined and injuries were found that were consistent with what she said occurred, Fox 13 reported.

“The victim had terminated the relationship 10 days prior and had expressed strongly and repeatedly in text messages that the relationship was over and she did not want anything to do with the defendant,” according to the court documents.

“…The victim’s last text to the defendant, before he arrived at her home said: ‘I said no. don’t you get it.’ The defendant responded with a series of three text messages as follows: ‘No, I don’t get it,’ then ‘I’ll be there’ followed a short time later by ‘I’m here,’” the documents read.

Yapias, a radio show host who runs Proyecto Latino de Utah, spoke to media after he posted bail Tuesday.

“These are very serious allegations,” Yapias said. “I don’t wish them on anybody.”

He was charged with rape and evidence tampering, according to Fox 13.

“I’ve been here for over 30 years,” he told reporters. “Working on issues of the legal system has been one of our, has been one of the issues I’ve been fighting for most of my life, but this time it’s my turn.”

Yapias said he was confident in the legal system and will continue his activism.

Carmine Sabia


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