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Trump doesn’t want a ‘biased’ moderator for the debate: ‘I’ve seen how Anderson Cooper behaves’

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Donald Trump took on CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a no holds barred interview, using the stlyle of blatant talk that made him so popular with his base.

In the Thursday interview with the Washtington Post, Trump said he would participate in all of the debates but wasn’t crazy about the idea of CNN’s Anderson Cooper being one of the moderators.

“I don’t think Anderson Cooper should be a moderator because Anderson Cooper works for CNN and over the last couple of days, I’ve seen how Anderson Cooper behaves,” he told the Post.

“He’ll be very biased, very biased. I don’t think he should be a moderator. I’ll participate, but I don’t think he should be a moderator,” he continued. “CNN is the Clinton News Network and Anderson Cooper, I don’t think he can be fair.”

Plenty of people agreed.

Carmine Sabia


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