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LA Times so stunned by diversity of Trump headquarters it questions ‘if the whole thing was staged’

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The Los Angeles Times was so amazed by the wide diversity of supporters and staffers seen at GOP nominee Donald Trump’s Long Beach campaign HQ that it posted an entire article about it.

But even as the paper discovered whites, blacks, Hispanics, women and men both old and young, in Trump’s campaign offices rooting for Trump, the writer of the piece was sure it was all a sham set up just for him.

“It was as if the whole thing had been staged, in Cambodia Town, no less, to belie the notion that Trump’s appeal is largely limited to older white males,” reporter Steve Lopez wrote for the Times.

The liberal paper’s reporter spoke with female Trump supporters, a young Filipino who was supporting Trump, even several Mexican-American Trump supporters.

In the case of the Mexican-American voter, Lopez wrote that he said, “there are too many illegals here… and they dirty the place up and they take jobs and do things they shouldn’t.”

Amusingly, when Lopez told the man that he worked for the Times, the Mexican-American Trump supporter waved his hand and walked away saying, “the only thing the Times is any good for is to wrap fish in it.”

The reporter also talked to a Jewish-American who insisted he is supporting Trump because the real estate mogul will be the better candidate to help protect Israel.

Needless to say, the Times reporter was almost too shocked for words at all the diversity he found at Trump’s campaign headquarters.


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