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Katrina Pierson whips Jake Tapper into a frenzy: ‘That has never happened in the history of the world’

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper went into full Clinton shill mode when he went after Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

Pierson appeared on his show “The Lead” on Tuesday and Tapper did everything he could to tie Trump to a small group of racists that support him.

“You can’t control what other people do,” Pierson said but added that the left extends terms like racist to those who it doesn’t apply. “People who want to control the border are labeled racists and bigots. People who want to stop ISIS from coming into their communities are called Islamophobic.”

“Katrina… no one has called people who don’t want ISIS to move into their neighborhood Islamophobic,” Tapper said. “That has never happened in the history of the world.”

“That is absolutely what they are talking about,” Pierson fired back. “If you speak out against bringing in Syrian refugees you are a bigot.”

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Carmine Sabia


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