Liberal law prof doesn’t play nicely with CNN–Calls Hillary out for ‘village idiot’ email defense

A liberal law professor appearing on CNN wouldn’t toe the blind liberal line in support of Hillary Clinton when he angered Anderson Cooper by denigrating Hillary’s absurd email claims a “village idiot” defense.

Jonathan Turley, a well-known liberal law professor at George Washington University,  honed in on Hillary’s claim that she didn’t understand that the “(C)” on some emails stood for “classified.”

This was one of the many revelations contained in the release of the FBI’s interview with Hillary. She claimed she just didn’t know what all those security markings meant. She said she thought they were “the alphabet.”

Saying “it’s absurd” to assume Hillary didn’t understand what it all meant, Turley went on to say he thought this line of defense was idiotic telling Cooper Clinton’s not knowing what the “(C)” on official emails meant is just like “a baseball pitcher saying he has no idea what ERA means.”

“It’s bizarre to read her account saying that she had no idea what that was,” Turley told Cooper. “I would put it at virtually impossible that anyone who had a clearance would not know what that type of letter in a parenthetical means. And, you know, it’s trying to portray yourself as something of a village idiot which no one believes Clinton to be. So, it’s perhaps the most absurd aspect of this [FBI] record.”

Turley didn’t say it outright, but every word he spoke to Cooper in that appearance suggests he thinks Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.


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