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Bubba defends the Clinton Foundation, compares himself to Robin Hood

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With the hundreds of millions he has wrung out of foreign donors and the American taxpayer with his purported “charity,” Bill Clinton apparently thinks of himself as “Robin Hood.”

Yeah. Once you realize Bill was taking taxpayer money to subsidize the Clinton Foundation, “Robin Hood” might just be it.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have both been desperate to defend their “charity” organization, the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and Bill’s latest effort to justify taking millions from foreign operatives while Hillary was Obama’s Secretary of State apparently offering quid pro quo in return was pretty amazing for its brazenness.

Speaking to a group of supporters, Bill Clinton said it was “really funny” that “they even went after my foundation last week.” He went on to say, “Somebody asked me what I thought about it and I said, ‘well, here’s what I did, I was sort of Robin Hood.'”

But, what is “really funny” to Bill isn’t very funny to the rest of us. You’ll recall that Bill didn’t just “ask people with money” to give to those without it. Oh, he was Robin Hood, alright. If you’ll recall last week’s news that he took million of our tax dollars and spent it on his purported charity, that is the description of robbing, for sure.

Adding insult to Hillary’s criminality, news broke last week that Bill Clinton used $13 million of our tax dollars to fund Hillary’s illegal email server, to pay for salaries of Clinton Foundation staffers, and other Foundation business.

The tax dollars came from the taxpayer-funded program ex-presidents use to pay for the personal staffers who are supposed to be handling his ex-president activities, not to be spent on pseudo charities. Instead of spending the money for its legitimate purpose, Bill poured our millions into his charity and to pay for Hillary’s illicit email server.

We even found out that Bill has taken more of this ex-president’s funding than any other ex-president in history.

Apparently Bill thinks that is all “really funny.”


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