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New Sept. 7 policy from Walmart will require a photo ID for grocery pickup – where’s the outrage from Dems?

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The list of things you need photo identification for in America continues to grow, while Democrats keep throwing around the big “D” word when it comes to voting – disenfranchisement.

On Wednesday Sept. 7 that list will include picking up an online grocery order at Walmart.

Note in the email message from the company, the requirement was established in order to make your pickup “as secure and accurate as possible.”

That sounds reasonable.

Wait, where’s the outrage from the liberals?

Other things that require a photo ID:  applying for social security, driving a car, buying or renting a home or apartment, getting married, getting on an airplane, purchasing a video game rated M, seeing a movie rated NC-17, filing for welfare or getting food stamps and even marching with the NAACP.

All, apparently, more important than proving your eligibility to help choose the leader of the free world.



Carmine Sabia


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