Democrats in a panic as focus groups show young black voters aren’t sold on Hillary

With about two months until Election Day, Hillary Clinton is facing a problem she likely didn’t anticipate.

Young black voters are not enamored with her and, while they also don’t appear to be fans of Donald Trump, the fact that they may not vote at all would be a net gain for the Republican candidate.

The revelation occurred last month when the liberal advocacy associations held a series of focus groups with millennial black voters last month, the New York Times reported.

“He’s a racist, and she is a liar, so really what’s the difference in choosing both or choosing neither?” a black woman from Ohio said during one of the groups.

“What am I supposed to do if I don’t like him and I don’t trust her?” another black Ohio woman asked. “Choose between being stabbed and being shot? No way!”

“She was part of the whole problem that started sending blacks to jail,” a black man chimed in.

And the skepticism of millennial black voters isn’t her only area of concern, according to the Times.

Adding to the worries is a separate poll of African-Americans that Belcher conducted earlier in the summer indicating that Clinton is lagging well behind Obama’s performance among young blacks in a handful of crucial states.

In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, 70 percent of African-Americans younger than 35 said they were backing Clinton, 8 percent indicated support for Trump and 18 percent said they were backing another candidate or did not know whom they would support. In 2012, Obama won 92 percent of black voters under 45 nationally, according to exit polling.

“There is no Democratic majority without these voters,” Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher told the Times. “The danger is that if you don’t get these voters out, you’ve got the 2004 John Kerry electorate again.”

Social media users had their own opinions on Clinton’s problems with young, black voters.

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