Watch out, Hillary! Chuck Todd is becoming a ‘regular American citizen’ and you are not going to like it

NBC reporter Chuck Todd is outraged over the fact that the FBI didn’t record its interview with Hillary Clinton.

The left-leaning Todd told MSNBC on Friday that “it bothers me as an American citizen” that there are only notes of the meeting.

“The Trump campaign wants to say she lied to the FBI,” he said. “Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. We have no proof! — And never will.

“Are you kidding me?!” he lamented. “We’re releasing notes?!”

Todd isn’t alone in his anger.

Many others were outraged at the FBI acting like a political wing of the Obama administration, or the Clinton campaign, by releasing the notes on a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend.

It was similar to the FBI meeting with her on the 4th of July weekend. Another move used by Clinton to bury the story.

it’s got to be nice to be a Clinton.

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Carmine Sabia


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