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Trump outraged at CNN’s ‘disgusting’ coverage of his visit to Detroit black church – and he fires off

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Donald Trump is none too happy with how CNN covered his visit to a black church in Detroit on Saturday.

The Republican presidential nominee appeared at Great Faith Ministries where he was presented with a prayer shawl and two Jewish Heritage Study Bibles by Bishop Wayne Jackson to the cheers of the congregation.

But Trump was ticked at CNN for, he believed, over covering the protests outside of the church before his visit.

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He might also be angered by the fact that every television network’s feed was cut off at the very moment the crowd began cheering Trump wildly.

Still, Trump can bask in the glow of a successful visit. He even made up for a previous gaffe that rubbed some Christians the wrong way.

All in all, a big win. Despite any efforts to sabotage it.

Carmine Sabia


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