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Father, son duo have close encounter of the scary kind with HUGE Great White Shark

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James Gibbons and his son were enjoying a beautiful day on the ocean off the coast of Cape Cod when they got the surprise of their lives as a Great White Shark got up close and personal with them.

“He’s sizing us up for dinner,” Gibbons said to his son. “It’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen,” he added awestruck.

“He’s right there!… Are you recording this?” Gibbons’ son said as they filmed the encounter.

In the stunning video, the shark comes close enough to the boat for the pair to reach out and touch him. During the video the predator circles the boat and dives under the boat as it menacingly stalks the humans.

“He’s circling the boat!” the duo repeated.

The boy was entirely excited as the massive great white began circling their boat but naturally the worried dad kept warning his son not to get too close to the edge of the boat.

As Fox Insider notes, “The encounter in fact happened not too far from where the fictional island from the Steven Spielberg film, Amity Island, was supposed to be located.”


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