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Why did HLN network blur the Trump T-shirt of a retired cop who saved a baby’s life?

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In case the firing of Dr. Drew Pinsky after he questioned the health of Hillary Clinton wasn’t enough proof that CNN was in the tank for Clinton, they obliterated all doubt when they blurred a guests “Trump For president” shirt.

Steven Eckel, a retired New Jersey policeman, wore the shirt when he appeared for an interview on the CNN-owned HLN network Wednesday after he saved the life of a baby in a hot car.

But what made headlines after his appearance was the fact that during the rebroadcast of his interview the network blurred out the shirt.

After a torrent of backlash, HLN offered the following feeble explanation.

“We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error,” it told reporters.

An error?

What kind of error is that? Did it plan to blur something else and the blur just so happened to move to the Trump shirt? More details on how the “error” occurred would have been nice.

Social media was unimpressed with the apology.

Carmine Sabia


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