Everytime the media wants to count Trump out, he gets great polling news…

The mainstream media may have counted him out when August started but Donald Trump has closed the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton heading into September.

At her peak on Aug. 9, Clinton had a 7.6 percent lead on Trump in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls and she reached 50 percent support consistently.

But now her lead has fallen to 4.3 percent and has continued to fall short of reaching 50 percent, the Hill reported.

Clinton still maintains a lead in key battleground states and Trump has a tough road ahead of him.

“It’s not in the bag for her yet,” the polling director at Monmouth University, Patrick Murray, told The Hill.

An NBC News-SurveyMonkey poll that was released on Tuesday showed Trump cut Clinton’s lead among independents from eight percent to four percent.

“They’re both hitting ceilings of support because of their hugely negative favorability ratings,” GOP pollster David Winston told the Hill. “The challenge is figuring out how to get people who don’t like them at all to get out and vote for them.”

What makes the election unpredictable is how unpopular both candidates are.

“The thing that could throw all this off is that we’re looking at an a historical election,” Murray told the Hill. “We’ve never seen two candidates who are this unpopular. That’s the wild card.”

Carmine Sabia


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