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THESE Hispanic Trump supporters are tired of being DNC pawns; see their hilarious way of showing it

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Some voters on the Democrat side of the aisle are waking up to how they are taken for granted but otherwise ignored by the Democrat Party.

Dozens of Hispanic Trump supporters gathered for what they termed “operation taco bowl” in Anaheim, Orange County, California. They lined the streets with Trump signs, waved their banners, and generally enjoyed themselves.

They called their gathering “operation taco bowl” in order to skewer the Democrats. The term “taco bowl” was discovered being used by Democrat officials in a Wikileaks expose of Democrat emails. The term was found being used by Party officials to insultingly describe their Latino outreach program Breitbart News reported.

But over this past weekend this group of California Hispanics for Trump took the term and turned it around on the Democrats.

One speaker noted that many relatives of Hispanic Americans fled their home countries to escape the corruption Hillary Clinton wallows in.

“I’m American, we’re all Americans and Hillary Clinton is not for people who like to obey the law… Many people, and our ancestors fled to this country because of corrupt government. To have a better future for their children. Not to come here to be disrespectful or not to value American values and the law. Now no one’s saying you don’t have to be proud of your heritage. But you got to be proud to be an American,” the speaker said from the podium.

This was a carefully planned and thought out gathering, one that should terrify Democrats.

H/T GatewayPundit.com.


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