Much too excited woman gives hilarious account of bus going into sinkhole

A woman’s eyewitness account of a bus going into a sinkhole has set the Internet on fire.

Jahnae Mendivil gave a hilarious account of the sinking bus, that caused a traffic nightmare in Phoenix, to Fox 10 News.

“When the bus pulled up, I noticed that he was in the sinkhole, and the whole thing started flooding!” she said. “So, you know me, I was like what the hell, what’s going on? You know what I’m saying? These people got places to go!”

No one was on the bus other than the driver.

“The next thing you know he was in there for hours,” she said before being interrupted by her friends, who were apparently excited that she was on TV. “I’m telling the story y’all hold on.”

“Me and my friend T. Boss, he was with me,” she started up again.

“I saw people getting off the bus but I was wondering why the bus driver didn’t get off the bus,” she said before her friend got himself into the camera shot. “Hey, that’s my boy Baltimore.”

Again, there were no passengers on the bus.

Watch the entire interview below.

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