‘People in my family are going to die’ without the Clinton Foundation, says far-left pundit Jehmu Greene

Far-left social justice warrior Jehmu Greene, who once referred to Tucker Carlson as a “bow-tying white boy,” fears the closing of the Clinton Foundation will lead to the death of her family.

During a discussion about the foundation, Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan said people are rightly wondering where the money being funneled into the enterprise is going.

“It’s going to operating costs because it’s an operating foundation,” Greene said. “I’m sorry, I’m uncomfortable sitting here knowing people in my family are going to die because everyone wants to lie about what this Clinton Foundation. That’s the fact. That’s the fact.”


The Clinton Foundation started in 1997. Unless everyone Greene is worried about in her family is under 20 years old, they found a way to survive before the Foundation existed.

But Greene wasn’t done giving a master class on fear mongering.

She admitted that the appearance of impropriety existed, but that the benefits of the Earth-saving Clinton Foundation far outweigh the appearance that government access in America is for sale.

“Yes it’s the appearance,” she admitted. “Goodbye to HIV-AIDS medication, goodbye to malaria medications, goodbye to decreasing obesity in the United States of America. Goodbye to it all because it’s the appearance.”

Who knew that none of these medications or, apparently Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, existed before the Clinton Foundation.

And the left accuses Donald Trump of fear mongering.

Carmine Sabia


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