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Remember the Fla Democrat caught eating his own earwax on CSPAN? He just topped that with a sex toy

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Remember the guy who was caught eating his own earwax on CSPAN?

We thought that was embarrassing!

Former Florida Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia, who is running again to represent 26th Congressional District, has found himself in a public relations pickle, again.

The candidate, who intends on providing stiff competition for incumbent Republican Carlos Curbelo, was photographed shopping at the Dolphin Mall for a sex toy.

A dildo to be exact.

The campaign did not deny the shopping excursion or the item but did offer an explanation.

If he, as Donald Trump puts it, “gets schlonged” in the election there could be a very interesting exit poll question.

Voters on social media had some questions and comments of their own.

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Carmine Sabia


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