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Obama and Hillary just got slapped by Democratic former Louisiana Sen Mary Landrieu over Trump visit

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Donald Trump has absolutely crushed President Obama and Hillary Clinton in the public relations game this week.

While Trump made his way to Louisiana, with a truck full of supplies, President Obama was busy golfing and chiding his daughter for her run-in with the law, and everyone was asking “where’s Hillary?

Trump even called Obama out by asking him to cut his vacation short to visit the flood-ravaged state. The White House responded by saying the president would visit, right after his vacation was over.

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The Republican nominee’s presidential actions have drawn praise from many, including a Democrat former senator of Louisiana.

Appearing on CNN’s “Wolf” program on Friday, former Sen. Mary Landrieu said that a visit by Trump helps raise awareness and funds.

“I want to thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana,” she said. “I think the governor’s admonition about not using it as a press op is a good one, but he brought attention to our state, and we need that now, because, this disaster, Brianna, is far larger than people can appreciate on television.”

And she joined Trump in calling out the pair of Democrats.

“I hope Secretary Clinton will make her way down, I hope President Obama will make a visit,” she said. “We need all the attention and help we can get.”

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