Mariah Carey shocks charity scene — lets it all hang out at event honoring UN official

Pop star Mariah Carey went all busty biker chick when she met United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at a recent U.N. gala in Los Angeles.

Many felt her attire wasn’t at all appropriate.

“Carey managed to make sure all eyes were definitely on her at a gala event,” snarked the Daily Mail.

Indeed eyes were popping as Carey walked into the room. Even as eyes were bulging at Carey, she herself was doing a bit of bulging in a lacy bra top that left nothing to the imagination.

Photo source: screen grab.

No wonder Moon was grinning like the Cheshire Cat when the two got up close and personal.

Photo source: Daily

Again, according to the Daily Mail, the event was intended to urge Hollywoodites to help the U.N. stop violence in the third world. The gala was hosted by movie director Brett Ratner.

The U.N. chief “spoke about the conflicts and crises in the world, the growth of terrorism, discrimination against women, gays and minorities, violations of human rights and poor governance–and the 17 U.N. goals adopted by world leaders last September to tackle the issues,” the Daily Mail reported.

Carey also gave a stage performance during the event.


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