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CNN commentator BLASTED for using image of injured Syrian boy to project her Trump-hate

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*Warning! This post contains content too disturbing for some. 

CNN’s most far left political commentator, Sally Kohn, has stooped to a new low even for her.

She tweeted a photo of a 5-year-old Syrian boy injured in air strikes that has touched the hearts of people across the globe, regardless of political affiliation.

It was so soul wrenching that Russia has even offered a cease-fire.

But it didn’t cause CNN’s resident lefty loon to halt her assault on finding anything and everything to use against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Yes, according to Kohn, Clinton, who is a noted war hawk, wants to help the young Syrian more than Trump, who espouses a noninterventionalist foreign policy.

Not to mention the fact that Clinton and President Obama are the two people most responsible for the situation in Syria.

OK, let’s mention it.

Isn’t it?

And there’s another interesting point.

Carmine Sabia


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